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"If you are cheerful person ,love animals and happy to working with sustainable farming as well as want to live on the way of simple life for learn and exchange about Thai traditional culture. Sabaidee little farm friendly, may is the right place for you. “

Sabaidee little farm friendly Thailand

It's a home where nature and animal lovers can live and share great ideas together for the animals and the environment all within happiness at the local farm sanctuary and community. While working with the local people at the rural village of Nongkhai, you will have a feeling of relaxation, fun, and take home great memories of activities ever imagined.

Sabaidee little farm friendly Thailand

Farming Volunteer Project

Get involved in various sustainable agriculture activities within our Sabaidee little farm friendly. We focus on raising all of our animals in a safe enviroment and provide the volunteers with an opportunity to learn and live the simple way of life. Come and join in on this program to learn new skills, meet new friends and have lots of fun!. read more >

Family Volunteer Farming  Thailand

Family Farmstay Project

If your family is looking for a way to make a difference, here we are confident that your family will have the time to live, love and have fun. we always have a range of jobs and programs available to suit all ages. Get to know the authentic Thai culture and how to take care of animals. Your family will also learn about sustainable agriculture within Sabaidee little farm friendly. read more



English Teachier Volunteer  Thailand

Voluntourism Teacher Project

We are searching for an English teacher volunteer for all travellers form different cultures, who is interested for children and willing to support the local primary and want to get to know the simple way of life. Just for loving, caring, helping and want to be a friend with local community. It would be an incredible help for rural village. You will enjoy the beauty and friendliness of local community. read more





Welcome to Sabaidee little farm!

volunteer Thailand - Sabaidee little farm friendly

We welcome anyone who is interested and wants to take part in our farm stay friendly project. Here you can meet new friends from all around the world who share the same interest of love. Love is what we stand by. Enjoy your work experience by taking a hands-on approach to animal care, play and farm life within Sabaidee Little Farm. The little friendly farm has great benefits to both the environment and community.

volunteer Thailand - Sabaidee little farm friendly

Sabaidee little farm is a non-profit organization. We are here to help provide a safe home for our furry friends and to allow the local community to learn more about how to care for the animals. Any money raised goes back into running the farm with things such as maintenance, food, medicine and into the local school near the farm area.  You will surely be received with great appreciation, warmth and smiles from the local community.

volunteer Thailand - Sabaidee little farm friendly

In addition to helping our farm and getting to know our animals you will also have a chance to explore the beautiful surrounding rural area to give you a true taste of Thailand. You will have the opportunity to visit the local school where you can help improve and repair the playground and also help teach the children English skills and love for the environment..

volunteer Thailand - Sabaidee little farm friendly

Here, you will relax and learn about the simple way of life within the rural area. Also you will enjoy and have fun with farm work activities. We welcome both short and long term program who will love to help us reach our goals.

volunteer Thailand - Sabaidee little farm friendly




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